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Elephanta Caves Mumbai

The caves on Elephanta Island are one of the wonders of India and a must-see while visiting Mumbai.  There are several islands in the group but it is Gharapuri that has the interesting caves.

First named by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century when they saw a sculpture of an elephant.  That sculpture was moved in 1864 and how stands in Victoria Gardens in Mumbai.

But the caves still contain many interesting sculptures that have not been moved.

The temple complex covers an area of 5,600 m² consisting of a main chamber, two lateral chambers, courtyards and shrines side. The caves contain reliefs, sculptures, and a temple in honor of Shiva .

It is believed that the caves were built between the years 810 and 1260 and were declared as World Heritage by UNESCO in the year 1987.

Kipling Connection

Crawford Market shares an interesting connection with that great great representative of the British Empire in India, Mr Kipling. But not as you might have though, the author and journalist Rudyard Kipling, but his father John Lockwood Kipling.

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