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Shopping in Crawford Market

The major things to buy in Crawford Market are fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables.  As well as daily necessities also seasonal and luxury fruits and vegetables are to be found.  During the Alphonso Mango season (April-May) this is the place to get the largest range in the city.

While most stalls sell a range of produce there are dedicate outlets, such as one that sells only bananas, but a wide range of different types to suit all tastes or uses.

Also in the market, at the other end, there is a large pet animal market where dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, fish, parrots and songbirds are displayed and sold.

Elsewhere inside the market many small stalls also sell snack foods such as chocolates and biscuits.  You will find both international brands such as M&M and Toblerone as well as more local Indian ones such as Amul Chocolates and Comesum – Branded Indian Sweets & Namkeens.  Before the liberalization of trade in India Crawford Market was one of the main places to buy overseas brands.  Today it still sells many of those, often at discounts.

Shampoos, soaps, cosmetics and other packaged goods are widely available in the market.

Other dry goods include spices sold in a genuine way for local housewives to prepare their daily curry.

Beside these shops also find perfume and makeup shops that sell again both international branded and local favorites.

Household items such as buckets and brooms are also available, particularly in the outside lane which is dedicated to all plastic ware.

Street stalls directly outside the market have a larger range including ladies clothing, children’s clothes, soft goods and toys.  Some of the stalls are part of the market itself, under the roof.  But others are portable street hawkers using backs of motorcycles or hoods of cars to sell their wares.

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Kipling Connection

Crawford Market shares an interesting connection with that great great representative of the British Empire in India, Mr Kipling. But not as you might have though, the author and journalist Rudyard Kipling, but his father John Lockwood Kipling.


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