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Chowpatty Beach Mumbai

Chaupati or Chowpatty is a famous beach in Mumbai popular with locals and tourists alike. Located in the urban district Girgaum in close proximity to Marine Drive.
This beach is a favoured location for the faithful to watch their statues of the god Ganesh.

The name of the beach is a corruption of the term for "four streams".

Large crowds gather at the end of the day or during festivals and weekends to enjoy the rare open space. Children and adults like enjoy wading in the cooling waters, though swimming in the European tradition is not practiced here and it more somewhere to promenade.

In the evening the beach is lined with stalls, vendors, entertainers, including children's rides and fast food shops selling traditional Indian foods as well as modern snacks. Watch out for the puffed rice snack called Bhelpuri!

Kipling Connection

Crawford Market shares an interesting connection with that great great representative of the British Empire in India, Mr Kipling. But not as you might have though, the author and journalist Rudyard Kipling, but his father John Lockwood Kipling.

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