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history of Crawford Market

The market is named name for Arthur Crawford, the first municipal commissioner of Bombay under the British.  It was the main market for the south of the city until 1990s until most traders moved to the APMC market in Vashi, New Mumbai.

Now the market caters to a mix of locals and tourists and is a great place to pick up a few souvenirs at a very reasonable cost or some local produce.

In 2011 Nov there was a major fire at the market and the area has not yet fully recovered.

A plaque on the outside of the building commemorates it's erection.

Kipling Connection

Crawford Market shares an interesting connection with that great great representative of the British Empire in India, Mr Kipling. But not as you might have though, the author and journalist Rudyard Kipling, but his father John Lockwood Kipling.

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