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Mumba Devi Mandir in Mumbai

Mumba Devi Mandir or Temple is an ancient Hindu temple, in Bombay , India . The temple is dedicated to Mumba, the local incarnation of the Mother Goddess Devi .

This Mumba comes from Sanskrit Mahā-AMBA ("great mother"), and Mumbai (Marathi for Mumbai) combines the name with AI , Marathi for "mother".

While Hindu sects dedicated to the goddess Mumbadevi are described as far back as the 1400s  it is said that the temple was built in 1675 by a Hindu woman also named Mumba. Mumba was the patron goddess of agri (salt collectors) and Koli (fishermen), the original inhabitants of Bombay's seven islands. Mumba is depicted as a black stone statue inside the temple.

The temple is about 400 years old.

Originally located where the Victoria Terminus now stands the temple was relocated and rebuilt in 1737.

Kipling Connection

Crawford Market shares an interesting connection with that great great representative of the British Empire in India, Mr Kipling. But not as you might have though, the author and journalist Rudyard Kipling, but his father John Lockwood Kipling.

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